Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life is a beach

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the beach in Mississippi with 6 great friends. Turns out the beach is not too far from home, and much to my own surprise I rather enjoyed the beach! This was the first time I'd been in maybe 8 years? We're hoping to make this a regular occurrence.

This past week was pretty hectic and unfortunately I didn't get to write very much. I managed to eke something out on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I began writing a new post on humility, but it's quite a behemoth of a topic so I want to give it due time to produce. After a long day at work on Thursday I was blessed enough to meet the Aggie Catholics who had come to New Orleans for the spring break service trip. Even though I didn't know many of these Aggies, our conversations about Aggieland and St. Mary's served as a beautiful reminder of why I loved Texas A&M so much! Since it was St. Patrick's Day and my new friends could tell I had Irish blood pumping through me, they made me show them how to Riverdance. Please note that I am nowhere near as good as Michael Flatley.

Again, I'm currently working on a post regarding humility which I hope to put up soon. Until then, enjoy this EWTN article about the tradition of the St. Joseph's Altar which continues to run strong in the Archdiocese of New Orleans! Does your church do anything similar?

Also, enjoy one more video. How could you resist this one?

p.s. Friends, we need to get a boat. That is all.

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