Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jam session

It turns out being a teacher is not nearly as much fun as being a teacher on Mardi Gras break. My prediction held true!

The last two days have been absolutely exhausting. I forgot how much it drains you to stand up all day, walk around the classroom 14,000 times, and yell at random students who are off task (and by random I mean about 95% of them). I'm really at a complete loss for what to do with them, but I continue to try stepping off on the right foot every day and getting the work done that will help them to succeed. It's really up to them to accept my help.

Despite all of my frustrations with work, the late-night praise and worship jam session with the roommates that is currently emanating throughout my living room seems to make it all better. At least in these moments we can find peace and solace in the familiar tunes of late nineties/early aughts singing praise and worship to our Strong Tower.

Always remember, friends, "God Will Lift Up Your Head."

1 comment:

  1. 1. Whenever I come visit you, we MUST have a late-night praise and worship session. I am dying, dying, dying to!
    2. In response to your other post on symbolism...I thought that was a really interesting question to pose to people, so I am going to think more about it and get back to you there! :)