Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disturbing behavior

The makers of this video weren't exaggerating when they said it contained "disturbing behavior." Some of the things said and done in this video were entirely shocking to me. Yet they really get to the core of the problem with the modern mindset regarding personal freedoms and "what is best for me."

What are your reactions?


  1. While I also find some of the opinions expressed appalling, this video is a disturbingly misleading depiction of Planned Parenthood. They may have spokespeople who make an even worse mess of their PR than the Tea Party does, but I don't think anyone can legitimately argue that Planned Parenthood does not provide quality service for women. Time to examine some facts:

    From the video: "According to Planned Parenthood's 2009 Annual Report, abortion accounted for 98% of its services to pregnant women."

    Key qualifier: pregnant women. Contraceptives aren't really very effective once you're pregnant, now, are they? Pregnant women are less likely to be needing cancer screening, since breast cancer inversely correlates with pregnancy. And when you find out you're pregnant, is /that/ when you show up for STD testing?

    Video: "Why should we fund Planned Parenthood?"

    Facts time. Let's look at Planned Parenthood's actual services, why don't we?

    36%: contraception
    31%: STD screening
    17%: cancer screening and prevention
    11%: other women's health services
    3%: abortion
    2%: other

    Wow, that's a much different perspective. To top it off, Title X explicitly forbids using Title X funds to provide abortions.

    Really, cut Planned Parenthood funding, and you're just going to wind up with a whole lot more pregnancies (and abortions). Which frankly, as a nation, we can't afford.

    In summary: I accept that there are idiots spouting rhetoric on both sides of the argument, and that they paint both sides as fools. However, as a pragmatist, I believe that Planned Parenthood does our nation an awful lot of good.

  2. Sometimes the truth of the debate—and the hostility therein—is shocking. I think the most telling clip is the guy at the end. I wonder if he understands the issue fully.

  3. Hey Drew,

    Thanks for the comment. Firstly, I just want to say that I certainly don't claim to know about all of the services Planned Parenthood provides, nor can I quote any statistics regarding these services. But I must say that I still find that statistic from the video astounding. 98% of services to pregnant women? Surely there are other services available to them than abortion. Yet it arises as the sole one that is performed most often.

    Also, if you haven't heard of Abby Johnson, check out her story. She used to run the PP in Bryan and has stated numerous times that PP pushes abortions because they are more lucrative for them as a business.

    All that aside, what I was really commenting on was the mindset that was driving the people in this video, which I find ultimately disturbing. Many of the people in this video suggest that they utilize abortion as a form of "contraception." They are so focused on that mentality of "what it best for me" and "what I need to do for myself" that they are missing the picture. And that is ultimately what I wanted to convey.