Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The path I've tread and the road ahead

The path I've tread
A few weeks ago, my time as a teaching assistant at ADVANCE came to a close. It ended nearly as quickly as it had begun. Three weeks spent in small-town Louisiana, filled with beautiful reunions with friends, oodles of learning and fun, and those legendary dances. For a bunch of nerds who call ADVANCE home, it was the end of the world as we know it. Of course, the hardest part of it all is saying goodbye and not knowing when the next reunion will occur. Having not seen any of these friends for two years, it's hard to imagine that it could be just as long (or longer) until I see many of them again. But I know I will see them again some day. Don't stop believing it, my friends! [To understand a bit more about how awesome this camp is, check out the promotional video that my friend Vera made at this link: www.advanceprogram.org. You will need to let the entire video buffer before starting so that it runs smoothly.]

Even though working at ADVANCE was a huge blessing, it was absolutely exhausting! In my time since finishing camp I was able to go home, rest up, and spend some much-needed time with my family. I had another truly beautiful wedding to attend in College Station, and was able to visit some long-lost friends in Texas (where I also got to shoot guns and feel extremely Texan!). Finally last week I returned to New Orleans after a five week hiatus, and it is time to once again face reality. With every ending comes a new beginning, right?

The road ahead
Now comes the hard part, where I have to forge a new path and find myself a job. As I've told many of my friends in the past few months, I've been hoping that God would be extremely obvious about what He wants me to do in the coming months. You know, like giving me a Cheesus, or an image of Mary in a tree

... though I'm not sure what those would mean. Perhaps just a sign with flashing lights and everything. Yes, that would be great! So far though, He hasn't obliged me with that either.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to search for a job!

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