Friday, July 29, 2011

Still Catholic, but not Crescent City

This summer has been quite crazy, and once again I have been neglecting the blog. I'm saddened by this because I love writing on the blog, even though I'm never sure if anyone's reading it! Hah. However, in my little hiatus the blog reached 1000+ views! So thanks to all of you who have visited, even if you simply are sitting there and hitting refresh to uptick the counter and my self-esteem.

It is with great sorrow that I announce to the blogosphere that I am leaving the Crescent City. As I have mentioned in previous posts, in May I was surplussed by the school district I worked for last year. I have been looking for work across New Orleans, primarily in the Catholic schools, and nothing has popped up. I tried to make use of all of my contacts in the area, even writing a letter to Archbishop Aymond, whom I know from my time in Aggieland. Even though he's passed on my resume to the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools, there still hasn't been any progress to my job search in the area! But it's good to know the Archbishop has my back!

And so I am moving home to Shreveport to live with family until I can find a full-time job. The move is scheduled to occur this Sunday, and I have been packing little-by-little throughout the week to get everything together. I have decided that even though I am leaving the Crescent City, I am keeping the name of the blog... because Shreveport Catholic just doesn't sound as cool! Hah.

I am hopeful that once I move home I will be able to find a suitable job, and I actually have an interview this Monday with an educational program that is sponsored by the Department of Defense! The program sounds really interesting and is right up my alley, teaching kids science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through fun, hands-on lessons. Please say some prayers that my interview goes well!

Lastly I just want to publish a poem I had written some time ago that I came across while cleaning and packing today. If I remember correctly, it is one I wrote on the drive home from Aggieland during the spring of either junior or senior year, perhaps for Easter vacation. And given the way it was scribbled on a random sheet of paper, it means I must have been inspired by the greenery on my drive. It also means it is a miracle that I found it today. So without further ado, here it is!


A Stor, A Ghra, Eirinn!
(O Treasure, O Love, Ireland!)

Never twas such beauty seen
As when the Lord envisioned green,
And placed it here upon the isle
Ensuring Irishmen would smile
As spring comes and winter goes
For every Irishman does know
The wonders He has blessed us with:
The greatest men for kin and kith.
Most of all He's blessed our land
With beauty never dreamt by man.
His goodness though is truly seen
Throughout this land He dressed with green!


Hope you liked it! Please pray for me as I transition to home and look for employment! Also, for all of you Potter fans out there, be looking out for future posts in which I dive into the depths of my sociological imagination and analyze the Harry Potter phenomenon.


  1. Best of luck on your journey Ben!

    You might find some of the materials here useful in the new position you wrote about: